17 Awesome Garden Design Ideas (Powerful Trends For 2022)


Spring is finally here, so we thought what better way to celebrate than by sharing 17 fantastic outdoor garden design ideas. Find inspiration for lighting, small gardens, modern gardens, and of course – garden furniture!

1. Ground-Level Lighting

Ground-level lights are an excellent way to highlight your favourite garden features, such as statues, trees and plants. Low-level lighting is also a great way to make your garden safer and kid-friendly at night.

Self-sustaining ground-level lights are extremely easy to install and can work as spotlights. Consider installing ground-level lights around your pathway to illuminate it and highlight where it leads.

Ground-level lights come in different styles – from classic to modern – therefore it’s easy to find a design to suit your garden. You can install them strategically to give your garden a fresh, brand-new look.

2. Spiral Herb Garden

Spiral herb gardens are perfect for small spaces. Their rising spiral design means they can accommodate various herbs in a limited space.

Due to the spiral shape, some garden areas receive more sunlight while others stay shaded. This creates versatility, allowing the planting of both shade and sun-lover herbs at the same time.

Spiral herb gardens are easy to build using most materials – it could be wood, pavers, bricks, or stones, depending on your preference.

Popular herbs such as oregano, basil, thyme, and parsley are simple to grow. This means that not only are spiral herb gardens a great focal point of your garden but they are highly functional as well.

3. Rattan Furniture With Fire Pit

Garden furniture with fire pits allow homeowners to use their garden any time of the year. The rattan furniture’s cosiness and the fire pit’s warmth make the perfect combination for cold evenings.

These furniture sets are a great match for long, late-night conversations. As a material, rattan is weatherproof and quite easy to maintain while being aesthetically pleasing.

These amazing traits make rattan one of the most popular materials used in outdoor pieces.

Adding a firepit to this versatile furniture set will turn your patio into an all-year-round sitting and dining area.

4. Feature Curves

While angular shapes have been more popular in landscape design throughout the years, a recent trend in naturalistic planting has created a new interest in using curves in gardens.

Any garden element can have curves, like footpaths, flower beds, pergolas, and garden furniture.

Curves help gardens look bigger – a distinct advantage for small garden owners! They are also great for privacy since they can wrap around your outdoor seating area.

5. Railway Sleeper Raised Bed Planters

Adding railway sleeper planters is one of the easiest ways to introduce great-looking flower beds. Railway sleepers will also help you take a more vertical approach to the garden.

You can opt for new or reclaimed sleepers depending on your preferred style. Reclaimed sleepers create a rustic look in gardens; however, new sleepers are always safer when growing vegetables.

Timber sleepers create stunning frames for plants and flowers. All in all, they are an excellent choice for making a quick change in your garden.

6. Get Styling With a Hanging Egg Chair

Hanging egg chairs gained popularity in the last couple of years. This trend was driven by us spending more time in our gardens. An egg chair (or pod) is a statement piece, making a stylish addition to your outdoor space.

The egg-shaped design creates a cocoon-like environment, spacious and comfortable. It is the perfect spot to curl up, relax and read a book in the shade.

Egg chairs come in many distinctive designs and colours. Try selecting one that will go with the overall style of your garden. Hanging egg chairs can also be deployed indoors, which is a plus.

These garden chairs are still in high demand, so we recommend adding one to your shopping list.

7. Create Your Own Fairy Garden

Put your DIY skills to use by creating your very own fairy garden. It’s possible to purchase ready-made fairy gardens online. However, with some basic tools and materials, creating your world can be great fun.

Small twigs, artificial birds, and wooden birdhouses are some of the accessories used in fairy gardens, but you can make personal additions to create a joyful space.

If you lack fun and playfulness in your garden, this is perfect for you and your kids. Your children can also be part of the building process and play with it afterwards while connecting with nature.

8. Install a Miniature Waterfall

Adding a water feature to your landscape design has multiple benefits, such as improving aesthetics, adding movement, and improving air quality and the local environment.

Consider creating a focal point by installing a miniature waterfall in a garden corner. Surrounding your waterfall with plants and shrubs is a clever idea to improve the overall look.

Add some light fixtures to create a beautiful spot that will work as a light source in the evening. This will improve family time in your garden since it creates a space to gather and share stories.

9. Lengthen the Outdoor Season With a Patio Heater

The lines between inside and outside are becoming blurred as people discover new ways to use their outdoor space for longer.

We’ve seen an increase in building outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and pergolas that can be curtained and turned into a room. This has led to an upward trend in accessories such as space heaters, fire bowls and motorized shades.

Garden designs now include many of these accessories to increase the time people spend outdoors. Investing in an outdoor heater can help you take advantage of your patio in every season.

10. Create Intimacy With a Screen

“Outdoor and patio screens create greater intimacy and enclosure for your seating or lounging area,” says Jodie Sheppard of Barlow Tyrie.

The Woodland Screen’s light random pattern of teak slats with rounded soft edges and stone-shaped feet are inspired by nature and create an atmosphere of natural, sheltered seclusion.

A curtain completes the feeling of seclusion and also acts as a windbreak.

11. Mix Things Up With Modular Garden Sofas

Modular garden sofas come in many shapes and sizes and can fit any garden design idea. You can configure your garden sofa in various shapes to create a perfect, fully-functioning outdoor seating area for your family.

Modular sets are versatile and easy to rearrange according to your garden layout. Modular sofas also allow you to create separate seating areas, which can be useful when entertaining guests.

The thick paddings and back cushions make outdoor sofas a comfortable choice for your garden and patio. Consider investing in a modular garden sofa if you need a flexible and versatile sitting area for your patio.

12. Integrate Potted Fruit Trees

Potted fruit trees are amazing when growing delicious fruits in small spaces.

You can grow your own fruit tree in any suitable spot: a balcony, patio, or backyard.

This option is also wonderful for those who don’t have the ideal soil to grow their own fruit and vegetables. The pots can easily be moved to where the sun shines on your patio or courtyard.

Aesthetically, they will add beautiful colours to your garden when they blossom in the springtime.

13. Experiment With an Artificial Lawn and Ceramic Paving Combo

Adding beautifully designed ceramic paving slabs alongside your artificial lawn will improve your garden aesthetic.

The last couple of years have seen increased popularity of ceramic paving and we expect this trend to continue in 2022.

One of the main reasons people started using ceramic in their gardens is that it is easy to maintain compared to concrete and granite.

It’s possible to find ceramic paving slabs in any colour and pattern – imitating forms of natural stone paving. This good-looking garden design idea is ideal for creating a modern garden with clean lines.

14. Go Rustic With Chunky Wooden Dining Furniture

Chucky wooden dining sets are perfect for adding a rustic touch to your garden.

They are typically made from reclaimed wood, and every piece is unique. You’ll find chunky wooden garden furniture in different finishes, such as walnut, teak, rustic pine, and oak.

Every piece you purchase will feature distinctive knots, grains, saw markings and patterns. These solid wooden garden furniture pieces are great for big families who love dining outdoors.

This is a perfect choice if you’re a fan of contemporary vintage style and need a durable dining set.

15. Grow Your Own Produce

Growing your own vegetables and plants is a strong trend with an upward trajectory in 2022. The trend is led by a desire for organic, sustainably grown vegetables combined with a want to spend more time outdoors.

Creating a small plot area for just your vegetables is straightforward. Alternatively, you can purchase a mini grow house or greenhouse to provide shelter and warmth for your produce.

You may consider planting your vegetables in raised beds for better drainage and maintenance. Being self-sufficient will continue to be bigger than ever.

16. Random Planting to Add Colour

One of the most popular gardening trends of 2022 is to replace muted-coloured plants with bold jewel colours.

Having vibrant colours in your yard is a wonderful way to simultaneously improve the mood and create a stunning visual.

Random planting schemes are a forward-thinking garden design idea as we move towards more wildlife-friendly plant-led gardens.

Feel free to experiment with vibrant plants to bring colour and positivity to your garden. They don’t necessarily have to be in groups or blocks, so feel free to plant them in any way you prefer.

17. Trained Trees

Trained trees have a lot to offer; they produce a useful crop even though they take up little space.

It might look intimidating at first; however, they are easier to train and keep healthy than regular trees. They can grow onto your house walls, fence, or garden shed walls – which are usually underutilized surfaces.

A tree against a wall or fence looks neat while sparing valuable square footage in your garden.

Options include fruit trees like apple, pear and grape or ornamental trees. Whichever you choose, you will start seeing benefits instantly.

18. Zen Pond

A pond can inspire a zen-like ambience in your garden, which can help you relax and improve your overall well-being. 

Adding fish to your pond, such as goldfish and koi fish, can also contribute to the soothing aesthetic while helping you maintain the clarity of pond water since fish eat up algae. 

For easy maintenance, install protective netting to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the water and protect your fish from airborne predators like herons.

Beril Yilmaz

Beril Yilmaz

Beril Yilmaz graduated with a degree in architecture/interior design from Yasar University, Turkey. Starting her own design company - BY Design & Viz in England in 2019, Beril has worked on residential and commercial projects. Specializing in modern and Scandinavian interior design as well as architectural visualization, Beril is also a writer and contributor for Garden Furniture Sales

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