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We noticed lots of people ask questions about outdoor furniture such as “when does garden furniture go on sale?”

That’s led us to create this frequently asked questions page. Here we answer the most popular questions.

If we’ve missed something, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

When Does Garden Furniture Go On Sale in the UK?

Many retailers start their garden furniture sales in the UK in August. With autumn approaching, they want to shift older stock. This means you could see discounts of up to 80% or more. However, lots of shops have garden furniture sales throughout the year.

Where to Buy Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is available from hundreds of retailers in the UK. For modern and designer, you might consider retailers such as Amara. For cheap and cheerful sets, perhaps Aldi or Argos. For a complete list of where to buy garden furniture, check out our Garden Furniture Near Me page.

What Time Does Aldi Garden Furniture Go on Sale?

Aldi often provides a SpecialBuy offer on garden furniture sets in February. These items sell out quickly, so you should keep an eye out for news relating to these special offers. They also discount furniture any time from August through to October.

Where Can I Buy Garden Furniture on Finance?

Garden furniture can get quite expensive – especially when you invest in luxury outdoor furniture and large furniture sets. This is when financing becomes appealing. We’ve listed all the retailers who currently provide garden furniture finance.

Beril Yilmaz

Beril Yilmaz

Beril Yilmaz graduated with a degree in architecture/interior design from Yasar University, Turkey. Starting her own design company - BY Design & Viz in England in 2019, Beril has worked on residential and commercial projects. Specializing in modern and Scandinavian interior design as well as architectural visualization, Beril is also a writer and contributor for Garden Furniture Sales

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